What Happens When It Doesn’t Go To Plan?

As an entrepreneur I am constantly being asked if things do not work as planned, am I disappointed?

It’s a good question but as an entrepreneur, can I afford to be disappointed? I often feel people that surround me are more disappointed than I am. They see the effort that you have put in and because the result is not always positive, they become frustrated for you.

What they do not seem to understand is how do we keep putting ourselves in the firing line. Is it stubbornness? A self-belief that is so unbalanced that it can be dangerous? Truth is I am not sure. You read plenty of assessment bullshit on what makes a good entrepreneur; I have my view and you can be sure that someone has a different view that’s so diverse, it takes my limited use of the English language and rips it to pieces.

For me it’s a journey and as with every journey there is a start and a finish. Journeys have traffic jams and personally I enjoy the challenge of getting around the jam to advance to the start point. Journeys also have corners, twists and turns and not straight lines, regardless to how much planning we do. There is always something or often someone to throw a spanner in the works. True entrepreneurship is all about dealing with the issues that occur on the journey that you undertake. The success that you feel is measured by the buzz factor. When the buzz is strong there is nothing like it! Pounds signs are great, but I haven’t actually met anyone out there who is truly happy being loaded. They all seem to be far too worried about what everyone else has. Money tends to be a consequence of the idea. The work and challenges that have been met and the ability to overcome obstacles are in an entrepreneur's DNA.