Do you want to be part of an innovative new business in the very near future? 

Bidweg.com will be launching its crowdfunding campaign on one of Europe's leading crowdfunding platforms, CROWDCUBE.

Register with us today and you will receive an exclusive invite to our public raise on Monday 2nd July, giving you the opportunity to be one of the first to get involved before we take our campaign to the public platform.

Join us on our journey and register your interest now, free of obligation or commitment.

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Crowdfunding FAQ

We are working with Crowdcube, one of Europe’s leading crowdfunding platforms, and if you register with us by filling out our registration form we will be able to keep you updated directly. You will receive an exclusive invitation to the public raise when we open our fund-raising campaign on Monday 2nd June.
The minimum that you can invest through Crowdcube is £10.
No, by registering you are just showing that you are interested in Bidweg.com.
Challenge the traditional High Street market sellers, giving you value for money on currency re-sale.
No. You are only indicating that you might be interested in investing in Bidweg.com – you are not committed whatsoever.
New businesses have adopted this method as a way of raising funds. Crowdfunding gives real people the opportunity to invest in companies and projects they really believe in and will give them a return on their investment.
CROWDCUBE is one of Europe's leading crowdfunding platforms and our crowdfunding partner.
If you register we will let you know and provide you with a link to take you to the public pitch page on CROWDCUBE or keep visiting our website www.bidweg.com for news and events on Facebook and Twitter.