Crowdfunding – is it for you and your business?

In a new world of finance with banks not helping fledgling businesses, the options are extremely limited. Unless you are lucky and have a rich benefactor, crowdfunding is a great option and the one that has chosen.

So, you're now probably thinking how do you crowdfund? Is the process as easy as suggested? In short, the answer is no. Having said that, it’s not that difficult either. In fact, once you have gone through the process, which makes complete sense, you can do it again and on your own. There are notes of caution that I will add to the "process”. What you must figure out is how does it apply to you and the business you are looking to raise funds for. Yes, the process can seem daunting but if followed and cut to suit your needs, sticking with the fundamental guiding principles offered by the crowdfunding platform or their chosen partners should lead to a successful raise.

So, rule number 1 – lose your ego. We all think we have the greatest product/concept but that has nothing to do with process. Listen to what is being said and utilise it. As I have found out, not all of it you may agree with (I certainly don’t!) and my experience in general tells me that some of it is not applicable in today’s world of let’s get on with it.

If you can get past that, you may find that the process is not that difficult and once you start working through the various stages, you will begin to realise it is all about PLANNING, ORGANISATION and TIMING.

Those 3 things are critical.

What’s the most frightening thing? For me it’s the word campaign. It does conjure up all sorts of connotations and expense. Nothing can be further from the truth. You will hear the word campaign in nearly every sentence. Yes, it is a campaign but it’s a campaign based on PLANNING, ORGANISATION and TIMING and not on advertising. You do the work and yes you can get others to do the work, but who can tell potential investors about the business opportunity or the value proposition? Only one person and that is YOU. You are the star, the dreamer the one who understands most at this stage – so do the work, put the effort in and whether on your own or as a team, you will gain a confidence that transcends your initial campaign fear and puts you in control.

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